Retainer Fresh

Retainer Cleaner Tablets 1 Month Supply 36 Tablets Retainer Fresh


The Problem

  • Retainers, Invisalign & Clear Aligners can start to get discoloured as soon as you put them in your mouth.
  • Using a toothbrush or denture tablet can be damaging to your expensive Invisalign, Retainer or Aligner.
  • If not cleaned daily bacteria¬†start to grow under¬†the¬†Aligner causing bad breath that can make you self-conscious.
  • This bacteria can also contribute to tooth decay.
  • Invisalign, Retainers & Clear Aligners¬†have to be cleaned in a very small time frame while out of your mouth

The Solution Retainer Cleaner Tablets

Cleans In 15 Minutes


Kills 99.9% Of Stains and Odours

Kills 99.9% of stains and odours

Multi Use Works on Invisalign, Aligners, Retainers, Splints, Mouth Guards & Gum Shields.

Refreshing Mint Flavour.

Refreshing mint flavor.

How Does Retainer Fresh work?

  • Retainer Fresh Retainer Cleaner tablets have been designed to target odour-causing bacteria, plaque and tarter, specifically on Invisalign, Clear Aligners and Retainers.

  • Our Premium retainer cleaning tablets with their Patented¬†cleaning technology will rapidly effervesce and gently clean¬†leaving your retainer brite¬†

How to use

Why Retainer Fresh?
  • 120 Individually Foil Sealed Premium¬†Retainer Cleaner Tablets in a great value 4 Month Pack

  • ūüöö Free Royal Mail 48 Hour tracked delivery

  • Our Guarantee if you are not completely happy with the product within 30 days get in touch and you can return the product and get a complete refund making this a Risk Free purchase

  • Make Retainer Fresh part of your daily essential cleaning routine and get yours today!

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