Multi Use
Keep your smile looking great with Retainer Fresh, which cleans Invisalign Aligners, Retainers & Mouth Guards.
5 in 1 Dental Grade Solution
⓵ Express Rapid Clean = 15 mins ⓶ Zaps 99.9% Odour Causing Bacteria ⓷ Enhances & Brighten Dull Cloudy Appearance with Colour Correction Technology ⓸ Attacks Plaque & Tartar Build up ⓹ Tough on Daily Stains
Easy To Use
Retainer Fresh is the fastest and easiest way to clean your invisalign aligners and retainers. Just drop a tablet in a cup of water and let it work its magic.
No Nasty Aftertaste
Enjoy a refreshing daily ‘Pop’ of Minty flavour on every ‘Stain Free Deep Clean’. No Nasties!