Retainer Cleaner Tablets 120 Tablets 4 Month Supply

£16.99 £19.99

🚫 QUIT SCRUBBING YOUR DENTAL APPLIANCE - Our ‘Extra Strength’ Retainer Cleaning Tablets are specially formulated with Micro Cleaning Crystals,.

👅 ZERO NASTY CHEMICAL AFTERTASTE, FRESH MINT FLAVOUR - Enjoy a refreshing daily ‘Pop’ of Minty flavour on every ‘Stain Free Deep Clean’. No Nasties! 

UNIVERSAL CLEANER FOR ALL DENTAL APPLIANCES - Our Retainer Cleaning Tablets are formulated with Dental Grade Ingredients, making them compatible for cleaning Invisalign, Aligners, Retainers, Invisible Braces, Night Guards & Mouth Guards.

⚡️ 5 IN 1 SOLUTION - ⓵ Express Rapid Clean = 15 mins ⓶ Zaps 99.9% Odour Causing Bacteria ⓷ Enhances & Brighten Dull Cloudy Appearance with Colour Correction Technology ⓸ Attacks Plaque & Tartar Build up ⓹ Tough on Daily Stains

🙌 FREE ALIGNER TRACKING APP - Use our free professional aligner tracking app to monitor your teeth progress and share pics and videos. 

How to use

What Do You Get?
  • 120 Individually Foil Sealed Professional Retainer Cleaner Tablets in a great value Pack

  • Free Fresh Tracked App use it to track when to change your Invisalign aligners to the next tray, and take progress pictures - set reminder ortho appointments etc.
  • 🚚 Free delivery

  • Our Guarantee if you are not completely happy with the product within 30 days get in touch and you can return the product and get a complete refund making this a Risk Free purchase