Our Story

How we got our start?

While travelling a lot with work through Europe, The Retainer Fresh Team seen first hand some of the hardships of finding a reliable Dental Appliance Cleaner which does what it says on the box. This inspired our team to create our own specially formulated premium tablets for Dental Appliances.

What makes our product unique?

We use High Quality Sustainable Natural Ingredients to deliver a Premium Cleaning Tablet which is Plastic Free!
We know that today's dental appliances have to stay fixed in place for long periods of time.
So we have delivered a tablet that cleans fast when you need it most.

Why we love what we do?

At Retainer Fresh we love being able to provide for the new generation of people all over the EU who want to have the best FRESHEST teeth possible.
Our Premium Tablets come in bonus foil sealed individual pockets so you can snap and take them on the go as we know today's life is fast and frenetic.