Retainer Bath with Bamboo Lid by Retainer Fresh


Introducing the Retainer Fresh Glass Retainer Bath Case with Bamboo Lid – the ultimate solution for organizing, cleaning, and storing your dental appliances. This versatile case is designed to cater to various dental needs, making it a must-have for anyone using retainers, aligners, invisalign, dentures, mouth guards, night guards, or TMJ appliances

  • BPA Free- Stain & odour resistant made with borosilicate glass which is used in the dental industry for its natural hygienic properties
  • Bamboo Lid - Designed to help you organise and style your home with a premium glass base more natural bamboo lid
  • Convenient Transparent Cleaning - See the fresh cleaning of your dental appliance in action, for use with Retainer Fresh Cleaning Tablets.
  • Multi Use - Can be used for storage and cleaning of Aligners, retainers, dentures, mouth guards, night guards & TMJ appliances.
  • Convenient to carry - Small and portable, easy to carry when traveling or going out. The product is an incredible gift for dental appliance users.