The Problem

  • Aligners can start to get funky and discoloured as soon as you put them in your mouth.
  • Using a toothbrush or denture tablet can be damaging to our expensive retainer & aligners.
  • Bacteria grow under our Aligners causing bad breath that can make you self-conscious.
  • This bacteria can also contribute to tooth decay.
  • Aligners have to be cleaned in a very small time frame while out of your mouth

    The Solution

    Cleans In 15 Minutes



    Kills 99.9% Of Odours & Bacteria


    Works with all your dental appliances

    Fresh Mint Flavour

    How does Retainer Fresh work?

    • Retainer Fresh are specially formulated for aligners and retainers with a Non abrasive Fresh Cleaning Technology designed to target odour-causing bacteria, plaque and tartar.
    • We know that today's dental appliances have to stay fixed in place for long periods of time.
    • So we have delivered a tablet that cleans fast in as little as 15 minutes when you need it most.